Hello Beloved!
In this 'Season of Love', when the world's concept of love is lusty "romance", all a-shimmer with valentines and cupids,  wine and dim lights, I want to take you to a far deeper level..  I want to introduce you to GOD's LOVE.

Therefore, LOVE is SPIRITUAL.  

That is how I can state, By VIRTUE of LOVE, one can be HEALED.. from the Inside.. out.


 GOD KNOWS what we need, before we ask..  which is why He gave us His Son.  For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life  - St. John 3:16

He alone is faithful to provide our needs, and He loves us far more than we can even know how..   to love one another. 

Very few people ever learn how to give 
and receive genuine love.
After all, one cannot give..  what one does not possess. 

There are three types of love found in the Bible, and Father God designed them all - and for our benefit!  

I think you will find it interesting, if you take a closer look at the terms for each of these, and learn what each type actually means.

 It's a great time to examine your own heart!

Love:  A powerful relational term, used for 
1] Friendship - or in New Testament Greek, philia - indicating a warm and caring bond; brotherly love      
2] Passionate affection for the opposite sex - or in New Testament Greek, eros; which is also the term used for sexual intercourse 
3] Committed sacrificial covenant  - or in New Testament Greek, agape - indicating the most powerful term available for love -  THE LOVE OF GOD IN CHRIST

Do you want Friendship?  GOD DESIGNED IT!
Do you want Romance?     GOD IS THE ARCHITECT!
Do you want Intimate Fellowship?   GOD CREATED IT! 

The beauty of GOD's LOVE is that, in GOD's Plan, all three of these elements are found in a marriage of two souls (heart, mind, will, emotions).

Satan, the ruler of this world, has so tarnished the meaning and beauty of genuine love.  

My hope is, that while browsing this page, your spirit 
will be ignited.. and as The LORD hath spoken through me via my poetry and songs.. you will discover in yourself what you are actually yearning for.. and it is the purity and power of knowing Christ and His love.

Are you a man or woman who is after GOD'S OWN HEART?

Think about it.. and think about having a spouse who has the same heart; now that's a Valentine to long for!

In His Philia and Agape Love,  Rev. Rhonda
Fruit of The Earth is the Counseling Branch of 
"HE Writes the Words on My Heart!"
A Writing-Counseling Ministry for CHRIST in Prose, Poetry & Song
Rhonda S. Galizia,  Founder & Scribe Unto The LORD
St. Matthew 13:52
© International Copyright 1992 - 2022
All Rights Reserved By Law.
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 Love Beyond Compare Series
Rhonda S. Galizia

The Roar of Victory

On this earth
Between flesh
And spirit..

Momentarily fleeing
The suffering and pain
The heartache and sorrow..

Running.. Stumbling
Along the well-worn

I must find the Lion of Judah!

Brow beaded
Breath accelerated
Bare feet barely touching
The ground.

My soul seeks Him
Among the vines
And branches.

Eyes sweeping
Heart pounding
Ears alert
Aching for His scent
His sound.

Each labored breath
Speaks for itself..

Where are You, my LORD and my Love?

A dynamic ROAR
Filled with the passion
Of Victory
Quickens my Spirit!

He is my Here
He is my Now
He is my Forever.

He is my Truth
He is my Peace
He is my Freedom.

He is my Breath
He is my Heartbeat
He is.. my All in All!

My heart and
My senses are
All straining
To behold His

I know His Voice
And I will follow Him

The thick brush parts
And the Lion of Judah
Steps boldly into 
My view.

His fragrance comes before Him
He ROARS and I tremble
I am filled with His glory!

I drop to my knees
Lay my head upon
His majestic breast
He restores my soul.

He is Mine
I am His
We are One
I am Whole.

His steadfast gaze
Into my adoring eyes
Emblazons His name for me
Onto my forehead.

I am known
I am His..
I am Loved!

I throw back my head
And with all Eternity, sound
 The Roar of Victory!

© 2011 Rhonda S. Galizia, 
Scribe Unto The LORD
 International Copyright   
All Rights Reserved By Law.

Your Music In Me

in the secret
of  Your presence
I drift..

Like a
carried by 
the wind of
 Your spirit

by the sound 
of  Your
a magnificent
symphony erupts
 within my soul!

Away I sail
and whirling
like a ballerina
in love..

As Your 
Angel strokes
the harp

Attached to
my own heart's

© 2011 Rhonda S. Galizia, Scribe Unto The LORD
International Copyright    All Rights Reserved By Law.

THE Author of Romance

You gave us the golding moon 
 Set into sparkling ebony skies
And You created Your majestic stars
Just to reflect into our 

You created the thrill of true romance
To caress our burning 
You endowed us with
 'Love in Your Image'
The Union to make us whole!

You designed two hearts 
to pound as one
For Your Love, LORD,
Makes the World Go 'Round!

You inflamed the longing and desire
For the discovery of our one soul mate
Then You created the Kiss that ignited 
To Heaven's Gate!

      © 2011 Rhonda S. Galizia       Scribe Unto the LORD
International Copyright 
 All Rights Reserved By Law.  
 The High Place                 
The road was
long and 

   My thoughts
futile and

Echoing in
my head
like rustic
bells in a

I had to find You!

Behold your
and assay
Your Being
to my own

Rocks fell
my feet
and tumbled
over the ledge
where I now

I stretched
out my arms
to imagine
creating this
view of Your

I wanted
 to fly!

I wanted
out of 
the sod
and miry
pits out of
the rocky
and rigid

I cried
Come for me!

Hold me
to Your
and let
me hear
Your heart
beating out
its love for
me once

my being..

Take away
the pandering
and posturing
and every false
 thing of this
world that
tries to

Your Love
Alone is
all I need
and I seek
to know all
its Treasures.

Lift me into
Your everlasting
arms and take
me dancing
among Your

Cause Your
Beauty to
wash over
me as We
sail through
Your Milky

Let Your
Robes of 
encompass me
in Our flight as
I take my vows
of purity..

Sanctified as
Your Handmaiden
Your Love
Your Bride!

Let Your moon
become my veil
as You raise it
in the Witness
of Your Angels

To place a
Holy Kiss
so pervading
upon my 
trembling lips

That it will 
cause me to 
swoon for all

© 2011 
Rhonda S. Galizia Scribe Unto The LORD
 International Copyright   
All Rights Reserved By Law.

Romancing The Rock Collection
Rhonda S. Galizia

I Found A Rose

The day was long and trying
I was suffering from the anguish
And if I didn’t see You soon,
How I knew that I would languish!

I decided to take a walk
To ease the tension from my brow
I left the city, and climbed the mountain;
Things seemed much better now.

Green and fertile fields surrounded me
And nestled quietly in their midst,
I found myself a single rose; 
One that blessed me, as if …Your kiss.

Into a gurgling mountain stream
I gingerly dipped my feet
I found myself another rose;
You sustained my very heartbeat!

Strengthened, I journeyed on 
A single path, filled, with posh quietness
And still, I found another rose;
Your truth.. is my own righteousness!

I suddenly lost my footing
In a patch where briers grew
And yet, I found a precious rose
In the faithfulness, of You!

I gathered the sun-ripe berries
To eat among the birds
While there, I found another rose
You are the Living Word!

The ruby juice ran down my lips
Till a crimson stain was showing
But the rose I found this time, 
Was that my cup was.. overflowing!

I returned to the well-trodden path
The Way, unto which, I am bound
Here’s where I found the loveliest rose
For here, is where Jesus was found!

I breathed in the Unusual fragrance
While carrying my beautiful bouquet
And the very next rose that I found there,
I still have pressed, to my heart, to this day!

For You were already there to meet me
To lead me back, as always before
And that’s when, blushing,  I asked the Rose of Sharon
To be mine…forevermore!

Be gracious to me, O LORD, for I am pining away..”  Psalm 6:2

© 2006 Rhonda S. Galizia                Scribe Unto the LORD
International Copyright  All Rights Reserved By Law.  

Do you question 
GOD's stand on Romance? 

 Remember, Beloved, He is the Creator of ALL things!

"In the Beginning was the Word (Jesus Christ), and the Word was with GOD and the Word was GOD.  The same was in the beginning with GOD.  All things were made by Him, and without Him was No thing made, that was made."
St. John 1: 1-3
Unlock the Door! 
Author and Finisher of My Faith!

Romancing The Rock Collection
Rhonda S. Galizia


I still breathe out Your name
When You have turned to walk Your way
For when I cast my eyes on You,
You take my breath away!

The love light shining from Your eyes
The glory reflecting from Your face
The love carved out, in Your nail-scarred hands
The true majesty of Your grace!

How my anticipation rises
In just knowing You are nigh
I can't wait till our twilight supper,
To be seated at Your side!

Every detail of my being
Every facet of my essence,
Becomes of great importance
When I am in Your presence!

O' how I wish the clock on the wall
Would synchronize its defining tick
With the rapid passing of my heart's beat
For God knows, I am truly LoveSick.

 Rhonda S. Galizia, Scribe Unto The LORD 
Copyright © 2008
International Copyright
All Rights Reserved By Law.

XI. Valentine Kisses

I thought I heard the mailman
And I ran straight out the door
But the only  thing I found there
Was "EMPTY"  ... like before.

My heart drooped inside me
I drew a great big sigh'''
LORD, if I don't get a Valentine
I think that I shall die!

I sat down on the porch swing
So I'd be first to see
If, and when, the mailman came
He'd brought something for me!

The hours ticked by slowly
My whole Saturday was lost
Sacrificing plans I’d made
Seemed such a tiny cost...

Considering the possibility
That a card might come from you;
I'd sit and sing, all day on the swing
If that's what I had to do!

The February air was icy cold
And I snuggled inside my coat
Stuck my hands into my pockets
And there, found the note you wrote!

Be watching your mailbox for a surprise..

My heart raced rapidly at the thought
That something was coming from you
But how you had managed to pull it off
When I was someone you barely knew - 

That was most amazing to me..

I guessed that you were a mind-reader
Though my parents said from the start
That I was always their little one
“On whose sleeve, she wears her heart!”

I felt my cheeks start burning
As I closed my eyes to recall
The last time I had seen you -
At the High School Sweetheart Ball.

You were a freshman in college
Who walked in with some pretty girl
I was still a Junior, evolving...
And about to spin out of my world!

The music had finished playing
The couples were leaving the floor
My date had gone to get us punch
And some of the petit-fours.

Then our eyes met across the gym
As I was removing my gloves:
Cupid shot forth his flaming arrows
And I was smitten with love!

I don't know how long I stood there
Only that the world stood still
This was my very first love
And I cherished every thrill.

Suddenly, my date returned
Bearing Dixie Cups of red
But when he went to offer it to me,
He accidentally spilt it on me, instead!

Oooh!  I gave out a startled gasp
As huge tears began to fall
The snow-white gown my Mother had made
Would be cherry-stained, leaving the Ball!

My date apologized profusely
As a crowd began to surround us
Hurling the usual shrieks and barbs
And that is how you found us..

So handsome in your raven tux
So dashing in your stance
You boldly interrupted him
And swept me off, to dance!

My heart was just about to burst
Still, I hesitated for oh-so-long
Looking down at my dress, such a mess!
That it was halfway through the song..

Before you could actually lead me out
From the raucous, deafening crowd
You steered us straight to the center stage
And there, you gently bowed.

Quickly taking up your cue
I curtseyed as best I could
You swept me into a breathless waltz
And I quietly understood..

That you had come to rescue me:
A genuine knight in shining armor!
I started thanking God inside my head
Exclaiming, what a charmer!

The crowd had swiftly quieted down
As we glided around the floor
Strands of Fur d' Elise eclipsed them,
The stains on my gown, and more.

With nary a remembrance
Of the boy I'd just left behind
My heart was set - on loving you:
I knew now, how love is blind!

The arrival of the mailman
Brought me out of my reverie
Oh please, please, please, I pleaded
Is there something in there for me?

The mailman's eyebrows rose and fell
As he whisked a white pouch from his sack
I squealed with joy, that he didn't toy
With my emotions, all in a wrack!

He laughed and left me there fumbling
With the package on the swing
I ripped open the pouch and cast it aside
Not caring about anything..

Except the white and velvet box 
Precious, in my trembling hands
I shut my eyes and lifted the lid:
A watch, with a heart-chain band!

For several moments, I could think of nothing else
My thoughts seemed paralyzed
Save the recent memory of dancing with you
And the love-look in your  eyes.

I held my breath and turned it over...

On the back of the heart-shaped face
Engraved in such delicate calligraphy
Was carved the phrase "Valentine Kisses
were created for you and me."

© 2009  Rhonda S. Galizia aka Moongold
International Copyright  All Rights Reserved By Law.

Wholesome Romance
For the Young
And the 
Young At Heart!

Paper Kisses 

Tell me the stories of old quilts and smoky carpets,
Dreams in trunks, brooks and baskets
... and paper kisses.

Tell me the stories of that old flame, and smoldering memories,
Weddings wrought in hope chests, picnic lunches and wineskins
... and paper kisses.

Tell me the stories of daring love and exciting romance,
Of moving, in cardboard boxes, candlelight dinners at midnight
... and paper kisses.

Tell me the stories of passionate love and honorable commitments,
Sharing a dresser drawer, champagne and dancing in moonlight
... and paper kisses.

Tell me the stories of becoming love and creating love,
Making room for more love, walking the floor with love
... and paper kisses.

Tell me the stories of losing love and dimensional acceptance,
Achieving silver hair, learning to live alone - again
... and paper kisses.

Grandmother slowly stood, eyes beveling joy and sorrow,
Walked across the room, opened the old trunk, 
and removed a tied-up bundle...

Clutching it candidly to her heart.
She carefully opened its strings, unfolding the mysteries of her life;
Inside, an ancient Family Bible, and Grandfather's letters,
Each one, marked in red
... with paper kisses.

 © 2007 Rhonda S. Galizia, Scribe Unto the LORD
International Copyright  All Rights Reserved By Law.

Title: True Love Waits   /   My Faithful Eddie
Photograph Copyrighted & Licensed to Rhonda S. Galizia 2008
A Short Story

    The table was exquisitely laid.  Glitter hearts and floating balloons and beautiful banners all echoed the same theme:            HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LIVING VALENTINE!

    Avilon stepped back to examine her efforts, and as a final blessing, she laid a fresh, single, long-stemmed crimson rose 
    across the place setting of her Birthday Girl.  May she live forever, LORD!” 

    The love she felt for this child was unfathomable, and it was revealed in every detail.  From the Birthday Seat, adorned         with a huge, red, crushed- velvet bow with dangling streamers, to the tiny cinnamon hearts poured into the fine crystal,        heart-shaped dish.

    Avilon let out a deep sigh..  she was praying in spirit.  She asked the LORD to bring her daughter safely “home” for her         celebration, since she had to travel over an hour to get there, and she was so very busy.  After all, Jack and Lalinda had 
    6 children now!

    Lalinda.. Oh my Lalinda.   Avilon’s heart caught.  She would be 36 this year, and a miracle it was.  As tears filled her            eyes, Avilon recalled how many trials and tribulations they had been through together, to get this far.

    They had journeyed through abuse and rape, automobile accidents, suicide of a loved one, cancer, and a massive                stroke.. And only by the grace of Almighty GOD, were they both still alive and intact.

    Avilon groaned now, feeling her sixty years.  As she straightened her back and shifted her position to alleviate the                pressure on her spine, she tried to imagine the look on Lalinda’s face when she came through the door!  That child had        been the most difficult birth, and hardest to raise, of the five.  But Lalinda was to live, praise GOD - and to this day, her        large, beautiful, dark blue eyes, disarming smile, and wonderful laughter always prevailed!

    A Valentine’s Day Baby..   Avilon had immediately nicknamed her My Living Valentine, and celebrated her as such every     year.

    She glanced at the clock now..  Almost time to take out the fudge brownies!  The tempting aroma was filling the whole         house.. The stove timer sounded and Avilon grabbed her ruby mitts.  What a welcome this will be!  she laughed, pressing     the heart-shaped tiara that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY into the center of the brownies, so it would set as they cooled.              Perfect! she cooed, then grabbed her camera to make it timeless. 

    Avilon sat down in the oak rocker to wait for Lalinda’s arrival.  She wanted to be there the moment she saw her and Jack     pull in!  Every moment she spent with Lalinda was special.. life was always enhanced by her very presence.

    As the first hour rolled by, Avilon thought about the precious hours she had specifically set aside each day, for several         weeks, to work on the homemade banners, until they glistened with valentine hearts embellished with elegant lace.

    Sometimes, the task seemed impossible.  She was very forgetful and could only use her hands for so long.  They were       awkward now, and did not always take proper instruction from her brain.  Scars from the massive stroke.. but Avilon 
    never dwelt on the restrictions or what she couldn’t do.  Rather, she rejoiced in what she could do, and continued to 
    give Jesus the glory for what she had been given.. And one of those treasures, was Lalinda.

    As the second and third hour passed, Avilon kept vigil at the window.  Her heart began to sink.   Surely.. Surely, she will       come, LORD?   She gently took up the single rose, wrapped the stem in a wet paper towel, covered it in foil, and set it         into a vase.

    At the fourth hour, Avilon was uneasy.   She called Malinda’s cell phone, but received no answer.  She left a brief                 message, letting Lalinda know she was eagerly awaiting her Living Valentine.  

    Avilon prayed in the Spirit as she began to prepare Lalinda’s favorite dinner.  Since she had not shown up for brunch or 
    lunch, she must be coming for dinner!  The barbecued pork chops and baked beans filled the air with yet another amazing     aroma.  Avilon’s stomach growled.  She looked down with disdain, then realized she had not eaten at all today.

    Must be a fast the LORD has called me to, she decided.  Use it for Your purposes, LORD, amen!  Avilon returned to 
    the chore of preparing dinner for four.  Lalinda’s father would be home from work soon.. How disappointed he would be, 
    not to see his daughter sitting at the table with Jack.

    Avilon sighed again.. from deep within.  She was beginning to be seriously concerned.  She prayed anew for the safety         and well-being of Lalinda and Jack and all the children..  With that many to care for, it could be anything.

    She winced.  She missed her grandchildren.  They were stones in her crown, as the Bible said, and she believed it.  To       Avilon, each one was a radiant gem the LORD had blessed her with.  Today, she had hoped to see the baby upon Jack       and Lalinda’s arrival.  Just at the thought of missing out on that, Avilon’s arms went limp, and ached with the emptiness.

    “I’m home!“

     Avilon jerked awake.. Huh?  A type of panic overtook her.  How long was I asleep?  What’s that burning smell?  
     What’s going on!?

     She stumbled out of the rocker, and ran to the oven.  The chops were starting to dry!   She rapidly added water to the 
     sauce.  The pan bubbled and sizzled in response, but she thought they would survive and be fine to the taste.  Whew!          Thank You, LORD, for Your kindness to me!

    "Avilon, I’m home!  Where are you?”  

    Uh-oh, it was Glen!  He sounded worried.  “I’m in the kitchen, Glen,”  Avilon responded, tossing the mitts, and making           her way to him.

    Glen gave her a big hug and a kiss.  He was always thankful to see her at the end of each day - and to find her safe 
    and sound.  God knows, he had come too close to losing her with that stroke..

    “Something sure smells good, Avvie“, he smiled warmly.  “But where is everybody?  It’s too quiet in here!”

    Tears reappeared in Avilon’s eyes.  “She didn’t come yet, Glen.. My Living Valentine didn’t come yet..”

    “Aww Avvie, don’t cry.  She’ll show up!”  He gave Avvie a squeeze.  But Glen wasn’t all that sure himself.  He knew 
    what his Lalinda was like.. Stubborn, just like him!

    They walked down the hall and into the kitchen together.

    “WOW, Av!  This looks great!  And so do you.. “ Glen said, turning Avvie around with pride, “You are as beautiful as the          party you’ve prepared.”   Avilon dissolved into tears on his shoulder.

    They tried calling their daughter again.  No answer.  “That one will cut off her own nose, just to spite her face, Avvie! 
      .. I’m sorry she inherited my stubbornness..”  Glen looked at the floor, pricked again by episodes of his own foolish 
    pride, and what it had cost him in the end.

    Just then Avilon’s stomach roared, and they both laughed out loud!  Yes, LORD, I hear You.. 

    Glen and Avvie shared a wonderful meal..  with a single crimson rose as the table’s centerpiece.  They sang Happy             Birthday  To You, to an absent Living Valentine, and blew out the candles on the fudge brownies. They held hands and       made a wish..  That Lalinda would become so Christ-like, she would learn to put the desires of others, before                       herself, and love them as much as she loved herself.

    Glen started popping the balloons, and Avvie took down the banners, planning to carefully place them in a huge mailing       envelope. 

    When it was all said and done, they both knew that Lalinda was still angry over something one of her siblings had said 
    months ago that she didn’t like - nor would she admit that it true!  Avilon had interceded by request, trying to get Lalinda
    to see it from the LORD’s point of view, but it had fallen on deaf ears.

    Lalinda had stubbornly decided that she had done nothing wrong, and that she would just stop talking to her sibling, 
    at all!

    As Avilon photographed one last picture of the torn-down party, she spoke through tears, May she live forever, LORD!  
    That was Avvie’s way of praying for her Salvation and eternal life with Christ.

    As huge tears dropped onto her apron, Avvie gave in to the sorrow, and sank to a chair.

    “Heavenly Father,” she prayed, “please forgive her. You lovingly created her a Living Valentine.. 
    But where did the love go..?"


© 2010 Rhonda S. Galizia, Scribe Unto The LORD
International Copyright  All Rights Reserved By Law.

No greater love hath man than this, 
that he lay down his life 
for his friends..
 Jesus, St. John 15:13

Learn to Live
music & lyrics: Rhonda S. Galizia

There is a love
Deeper than the sea
There is a love
Washing, o'er you and me
There is a love
That asks nothing, in return
Except that we, concede,
And live to learn..

About the love
Deeper than the sea
About the love
Washing, o'er you and me
About the love
That only gives
Providing we,
Learn how to live...

Inside the love
Deeper than the sea
And allow that love
To flow, from you and me
To share that love
With all who need,
The Greatest Love
From you and me

There is a love
Deeper than the sea
There is a love
That sets us free
There is a love
That we must give
For we have learned,
How Jesus lived.

There is a love 
That we must give
For we have learned,
How Jesus lived.

 © 2007 Rhonda S. Galizia               Scribe Unto the LORD
International Copyright  All Rights Reserved By Law.

Quest Realized 
 Music & Lyrics: Rhonda S. Galizia

Seek...and ye shall find.

An Errant Soul in its Endless Quest
Of that which never bids it rest;
Be it Truth or Wisdom 
- the profundity of Love -
Rewards are doled and measured,
But never, quite enough.

As the sun breathes new life,
this Soul is inspired
But as dusk draws nigh its curtain now, 
so goes Its desire.

The moon bellows full
gathering this Soul inside,
Shadowing and soothing
within its mellow light.

Somewhere in the interim,
The Quest is Realized:
For this Soul is provided
a glimpse of Paradise --- 

From far beyond the fantasies
and universal dreams
An apparition emerges;
a stranger, it seems...

No words are exchanged; 
in silence, dark eyes speak:
"In a World of confusion,
It is YOU whom I seek!

Many moons have come and gone
between us, My Friend
Yet, my heart doth know you...

For always, YOU are with me,
in thought and sleep and breath;
As now, you shall e'er remain ---
Beyond the Hour of Death."

© 1986 Rhonda S. Galizia   All Rights Reserved.
Published, Best Poems of 1995 , NLP
Recorded, Sound of Poetry
Received, Editor's Choice Award

Photograph Title: Night Shadows
Copyrighted & Licensed to Rhonda S. Galizia 2007

“Let the beauty of The LORD our God be upon us!”

Come To Me
 Come to me, my Beloved One
That two hearts may sate, one destiny;
Let us bear up now, the marriage crown 
In all its strength and majesty!

For surely, thou art the balm of Gilead
The LORD GOD hath sent unto me,
Erasing the past, of its broken pieces
Making me whole, setting me free!

O’ come to me, my Beloved One
Whose faith rises, ascending as doves;
Who madest me to fly, o’er the eagle’s eye
Inside, the whisper, of thy love!

I pray thee, search, inside these eyes
Yea, the mirror of my soul:
Seest thou how, His righteousness
Makes my love, for thee, a jewel?

Yea, come to me, Beloved 
Let us now receive, the blessings of our Christ
For thou art worth far more than rubies, to Him
Who hath bought thee with a price!

O’ that The LORD hath found me thus worthy
Of taking thee, as wife, unto my side;
Restoring the rent, where the rib had lain 
Now found in thee, my Magnificent Bride!

Let the earth and seas bear us witness!
Let the truth of our love become known! 
Now part thy veil, and wear my ring
For thou, art my Love, alone.

“Yea, Let the beauty of The LORD our GOD be upon us!”

Rhonda S. Galizia
Mother of the Groom

Written and presented for Bob & Aubrey 
 April 04, 2008
       © 2008 “HE Writes the Words on My Heart!” Ministries  
A Writing-Counseling Ministry for CHRIST in Prose, Poetry & Song
Rhonda S. Galizia, 1992 Founder & Scribe Unto The LORD
St. Matthew 13:52
International Copyright   All Rights Reserved By Law.

Dedicated to Rock, my Beloved Redemption Partner & Friend

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Moongold ~O~
Are you aware that the old adage" LOVE MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND" IS TRUE?  YES!   GOD IS  LOVE!   AND THE LOVE OF  GOD ENABLES THE EARTH'S ROTATION - IT ALSO SUSTAINS IT!  Want proof, Beloved?  Here it is:  The Son is the radiance of [Father] God's glory and the exact representation of His Being, sustaining all things by His powerful Word.    ~Hebrews 1:3                                                                                                                                                       Hallelujah!
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